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Yes, I have Soundcloud, and yes it is active. This is where I post more of my experimental and unreleased music. I generally will post stuff like demos and new concepts straight to my page, but be quick I often will private them before official release which can take some time because of my release schedule.


Music is coming along! I have been putting a lot of time into work lately and have been trying to find time to balance Work, Relationships, and my creative endeavors. My life has recently taken some crazy turns at the end of 2023. There has been extreme lows and extreme highs. Let me start off with the lows. In September I had the biggest loss in my entire life, my Dad who has always been a strong driving force in my life sadly passed away. This has been a huge void for me to get used to. 

The second biggest thing that happened in my life that happened last year is a very happy one! I got engaged to my best friend Ruchii! Ruchii is my Girlfriend of eight years and I can't wait to marry the love of my life. 

The third life altering thing that has happened is that I have been promoted at work! It is a modest move, but it definitely requires more attention to detail than my previous positions. Thank you for all of you who are staying tuned and supporting my music, I can't tell you how much this means to me. Music is everything to me and all I've ever wanted is to create art that inspires people and brings love, understanding, and happiness into the world. 

Latest Work

Working on some new music, Stay tuned big things are coming! In the mean time enjoy my most recent release Dreams Echo. Available now on Spotify, Apple music and all other streaming Platforms.   

Dreams Echo

Cody Lennox


Dreams Echo

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